Amigos Cafe Groups

We have a Newtown cafe group and a Kilbirnie cafe group.

Newtown Cafe Group

Is an informal and friendly coffee group that meets on Tuesdays.  It is for people who have had issues in the past with emotional distress. “I have found the group most welcoming and tolerant and it’s a good way to socialise.”


We meet at the new time of 1:00pm Tuesdays at the Baobab Café in Riddiford Street Newtown.  That’s on the right hand side going South, not far from where the Post Shop was. We usually get a table close to the door, but if our numbers are large there is a wonderful area out the back of the café which is nice on sunny days.

Kilbirnie Cafe Group

We meet every Thursday at Hey George cafe, Bay Road in main shopping centre, Kilbirnie, at the new time of 12:15pm.  This group is quite popular with old and new people coming along.

All welcome.

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Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)

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