We are partnered with:




                      Tu Ora Compass Health is our main funder. They pay basic costs of running Amigos, including leader’s expenses for running groups, costs towards outings, coordinator expenses, and other admin costs.




Evaro act as our legal entity and support us by managing our finances, providing space for some of our activities, and in so many other ways.

      The Ministry of Health have given us funding to invest in peer support events that contribute to vaccination uptake, and other health promotion and prevention activities.




  We are extremely grateful to the following Community Trusts, City Councils, and Foundations that support the work of Amigos:
            The Christine Taylor Foundation has assisted us with funding since 2013. They are currently funding group supervision for our group leaders.




       Wellington City Council have funded our drama groups and our exercise group.





  The Nikau Foundation
      Wellington Community Trust has generously helped us with funding for self defence course, first aid training, and supporting the Get Amigos Moving initiative.

Newtown Community &
Cultural Centre

  Amigos coffee group started at the Newtown Community Centre and it was they who suggested moving to Baobab Cafe, They are always happy to help.

Community Organisation
Grants Scheme (COGS)

  COGS have helped us by funding training for Amigos leaders – including dealing with challenging people, facilitation, team building, mentoring fellow Amigos, Privacy Act etc, and intentional peer support.
     Thanks to Propeller Productions for preparing our TV promotion for airing on Kordia TV in 2020.
  LoreNZo   Thanks to LoreNZo for creating our great logo.
  Meryl Lowrie   Thanks to Meryl for donating sports equipment for Movement for Fun.