Amigos Writing Group

The writing group was started by Buddies and run at Clarkes café in the library. Since Buddies no longer ran programs outside of the hospital such as the writing group Amigos has taken it under its wing. During this time it has had a variety of leaders each giving their own spin on the writing exercises given to the group.

We meet every week at Evaro at 5.30pm on Thursday and finish at 6.30pm. We begin each group with a starter which can be anything, perhaps a sentence, or a small object.

The writing group is a good way to meet people as it is a quick way to get to know them through their writing. It is a small informal group which encourages people to write and to express themselves through it.

At the end of the group people are welcome to go out and have a bite to eat and to have a chat.  We can also provide feedback on any writing projects people have. We welcome all abilities and our focus is to enjoy each other’s creativity.

Many good friendships have been started or progressed through the group. We hope to see you there.See map of how to get to the venue below.

Here is a sample poem from our writing group:

Voices in my head
Some are alive, some are dead
Some are too loud
In my head like a cloud
Hurting me much
Hell got its touch
Voices in my head
Nearly making me dead.

How to deal with voices
It’s not a piece of cake
All of ugly voices
Full of only hate
Or maybe we should look at them
Like a piece of cake
And we should ignore them
And only eat the cake…

Natalia - November 2015


  Evaro - level 1, James Smith Building